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4.3 Love in Them

4.3 Love in Them
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Love in Them
That the Love with which You love Me may be IN them and I in them. Sharing heart with God.

Do you see what Jesus is doing? Jesus is taking the Symmorphy, the divine relationship between Father and Son, and He is putting that exact same Symmorphy entirely inside of ALL that is us. And to make sure that we KNOW that Jesus is not talking about something “similar” to God, He says, and I in them. And in Jesus is the Father. In other words, Divine Symmorphy IS inside of all that we are.

Three Levels of Speaking
First, let’s look at the cause of the embodiment of this same Love into all that is us. Here is the cause: I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it.

I see now three levels of the speaking of Jesus. 1. Sustaining all things by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). 2. The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ speaks well of us with every spiritual good speaking in the heavenlies in Christ (Ephesians 1:3 modified). 3. I declare and continue to declare Your name to them.

Turning Around
The first level of the good speaking of Jesus is to all creation, both living beings and the material fabric of earth and heaven. To turn around into that good speaking, for humans, is to be born again.

The second level of the good speaking of Jesus is towards all who are born again, who believe in Jesus at some level. To turn around into this spiritual level of good speaking is to be immersed into the Holy Spirit and now to know the things of God.

The third level of the good speaking of Jesus is towards all who are immersed into the Holy Spirit and are entering into the Kingdom of God. To turn around into that third level of speaking is to be the going forth of the Father through us.

The Character of Father’s Person
I declare to them Your name. Jesus is continually speaking the NAME, the nature and Being, of Father into us.  Earlier in the prayer, Jesus said this: I manifest Your name. We saw that “name” is the second definition of glory, revealing the Father’s Heart, showing the character of His Person in action. Through His life on this earth, Jesus showed us the character of Father’s Person in action; now He is speaking that same character into us.
Jesus Speaks Father into Us
Now, most of our brethren see this declaration of Jesus as being a static and separate speaking. That is, Jesus tells and shows us some things about God’s character for us to consider and to do our best to implement. We see Jesus’ present speaking as the only cause of our existence, the only reality we ARE.

But think of this third level of the speaking of Jesus, something we have never considered. Jesus is speaking Father into us. As we face Jesus, we hear, “Father,” not as an idea, but as our life, our story, our self-identification.

Self-identifying in our world right now is like a genie let out of the bottle; suddenly everyone is doing it. Men self-identifying as women, whites self-identifying as blacks – and on it goes. Everyone has a story of self-identification, and since most stories of self-identity are not the good speaking of Jesus, they are all made up anyway, so what’s the difference? A believer in Jesus self-identifying as a sinner on his way to heaven is just as imaginary as a man identifying as a woman.

Why is all this happening right now? – Because the lights are turning on. Two GREAT and opposing stories of self-identity are being spoken now upon this earth.

Two Opposing Self-Identifications
The first is the natural Jew, self-identifying by the fullness of the doctrine of the Pharisees. This self-identity takes the law of God, already the knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, already void of life, into the most disciplined, rigid, and contrived story of self that humans are capable of creating. This false religious self is now re-creating all the rituals of Moses in Israel, convinced absolutely that they stand before God WITHOUT Jesus, without any of His good speaking.

Self created by self using word on the outside as one’s guide! “I did it, God!”

But the second great story of self-identification happening on the earth today is you and me.

The Revelation of Father
You and I, the elect of God, self-identify by every good word of Jesus spoken into us, not just His words of sustaining power, not just all the good-speaking of the heavenly realms, but the NAME of FATHER continuously spoken into us.

Jesus self-identified with Father. The Son does … what He sees the Father do; for whatever the Father does, the Son also does in like manner. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does (John 5:19-20, modified).

Jesus did not self-identify as the Father – the Father is greater and mightier than I, and neither do we. Jesus self-identified as the revelation of Father, and so do we.

Foundations of the Kingdom
AND the gospel declares that our physical body will be transformed into His glorious body!!!

I declare and continue to declare Your name to them. Again, this is something we must meditate on, that Jesus might show us what it is He is speaking into us.

But this exercise of going through this prayer at the beginning of a study of the Kingdom of God is so wondrous; we will take each of the specific realities spoken into existence by Jesus through every part of our discussion of the Kingdom. As we do that, by the time we arrive at the end of this study, I suspect we will know ever more fully what Jesus means by speaking the NAME of the Father into us.

God-Love in Us
That the love with which You love Me may be in them. The relationship between Father and Son is a relationship of love, existing completely other than all creation. God is love; the relationship between Father and Son is God. God is love; God is relationship between two and between many.

We are looking at the mightiest and most beyond-all-knowing effect of Jesus’ prayer. By speaking Father’s name into us, Jesus places inside of us the very same Love, the very same relationship with Father that He enjoys completely outside of and beyond all creation.

Jesus is placing the Symmorphy of Father and Son into us as our own being and identity.

Now, look at these words: AND I in them. That “and” is simply the most extraordinary word in the Bible. By saying, “And I in them,” Jesus is placing the Love of Father into us separate from Himself, as our own relationship with Father.

Father loves me entirely and with the same level of relating as Father loves Jesus, separate from all creation. I am filled with all the fullness of God. And then, “I in them,” means that I am never alone.

Joined to Father
The whole purpose of Jesus is to bring you and me to Father, that we might know Father in the same love relationship as Jesus knows Father – yes, as all divinity. Yet we are never alone; the responsibility to make this relationship happen is never upon us.

Jesus is always with us in Father; we are always with Him in Father. Yet the joining of us to Father by our Mediator is full and complete. Jesus, as Mediator, joins us with Father and is always right there to make all Love our reality, but Jesus also gives us our own direct relationship with Father, His same relationship.

Out from God-Relationship
That the love with which You love Me may be in them and I in them. We live by these words; we identify ourselves, every moment, by these words. We consider these words and all the reality of God-Love inside of them inside of us forever, and the increase of our knowing of God-Love will never cease.

God-Love is IN us with Jesus; we are IN God-Love with Jesus. And out from this God-relationship, out from our bellies, flows all that is the Kingdom of God, the New Creation, the ordering of all things by Father revealed. – Love.

Simple Lines of Truth
Let’s bring in, now, the simple lines of truth from Jesus’ speaking the New Creation into existence that will serve as the foundations of thinking out from which we will consider all things regarding the Kingdom.

1. God bases the authority He gives to Jesus to speak the New Creation upon two definitions of glory – glory as fulfilling the work of laying down His life and glory as revealing the Heart of Father by laying down His life.

2. God requires Proof, that His Word prove Itself faithful and true out from faith, out from vessels of weakness.

3. The essence of the Kingdom and the essence of the Covenant are the same thing – KNOW God.

Causes and Effects
Then we saw that in the speaking of Jesus are fourteen CAUSES resulting in sixteen different EFFECTS in our lives. Each of these thirty causes and effects stands as foundations of the Kingdom of God and of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

4. The core of the Kingdom of God is Covenant, and Covenant is our Symmorphy with Father through every Word that is Jesus.

5. The Kingdom of God is birthed out of the world, contrary to and other than the present cosmos.

6. The hatred of the world for us is part of the pressures of birth pangs by which we are brought forth as the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Life and Travail
7. The Kingdom of God is birthed out from the cycle of life by which Jesus speaks Himself as Word into us and then from us returns to the Father in an ever living and continuous flow of relationship.

8. In our travail through our time in this present age, as the Kingdom is birthed out from us, God Himself utterly KEEPS us and God HIMSELF utterly sets us apart, devotes us to Himself. We walk KEPT.

9. The speaking of Jesus binds us as one in full Symmorphic relationship with Father and Son as Covenant first, out from which flows the ordering of the Kingdom.

10. The Kingdom is all who belong to Jesus made perfect in One – family – Father revealed.
Setting Creation Free
11. The Kingdom is you and I holding one another in the highest regard and treating one another with the deepest respect.

12. When the world sees real and true, they will know God and they will know that Father loves us.

13. The Desire of Jesus is the cause of you and me and of all things.

14. You and I are with Jesus inside of Father, sharing the same relationship with Father that Jesus enjoys.

15. The glory of Jesus is now in us, revealed through us; we behold His glory as life laid down, flowing out of us and setting creation free.

How We Love the Word
16. Jesus speaks a third-level of Word into us, the Father’s name, the Father’s character and Being, by which we identify ourselves as Father revealed.

17. The very same relationship of God-love between Father and Son is inside of us, God-Love-Relationship in us, me and Father, alongside of and always with Jesus.

The Kingdom of God is the Father being Himself through us being ourselves. I had no idea of these things in this prayer before I did this study. Oh, how I love the Word, this Word that, by the Spirit, joins me utterly together with Father and Father with me.

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