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14. Not Knowing God

Not knowing God is the vanity of creation. This vanity is not creation's "fault," but the reality of what God is and must be - invisible. "Invisible" does not mean "seen in heaven." God has NO heavenly form; the only form God takes when He appears in creation is the form of man. Even those angels who stayed in obedience do not and cannot know God as He is.

God's whole purpose, then, is to be seen and known in and by a creation that cannot see or know a God who, in His own Person, must be undetectable.

Nonetheless most Christians and even most humans will rattle off a very quick answer as to "what God is," an answer that comes from a very definite view of God, the view of the serpent presenting himself as "what God looks like."

Yet it is God Himself who alone can solve the dilemma of a creation that cannot know Him. God Himself must find a form in which He can show Himself as He is.

Lesson 14.1 Vanity defines our ignorance of God in a way that makes it real and meaningful. The lesson then shows how vanity, empty of God, immediately becomes idolatry, the creating of an image of God that is false. That false lens through which all "see" God is the serpent, a high heavenly form emanating lights and perfections and NOT a Man on His knees to serve.

Lesson 14.2 Calvinism attacks the root of this false image of God in modern Protestant Christianity, the powerful weaving together of every verse in the Bible into a dark and false vision of God and His ways, coming to us through the mind of John Calvin. This thinking places Jesus far away from us on the one hand and then promotes dishonesty as His replacement.

Lesson 14.3 A Highway for God presents our call to prepare a way for our Father to enter into His creation, now seen and known by all. This preparation of ourselves as that highway for God requires us to embrace with all our hearts that which most of our brethren call "blasphemy," because it casts down their own false "image" of God. That "blasphemy" is the same crime that got Jesus killed - God manifest in the flesh.