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22. Now Is Come Authority

The primary verse of the Kingdom, Revelation 12:10, states that now is come the authority of Christ. That authority, moving out from the source, God's heart in ours, takes charge over all things happening inside this present world. Yet that authority does not "control," rather, it is God and us together turning everything meant for evil into the purpose and result of goodness.

Jesus stated in Matthew 28 that all authority in heaven and earth is given to Him. Then He tells us to move out in that same authority.

We must know the authority of Christ now being revealed through us. God sent Jesus into us, now Jesus sends us in exactly the same way. We have the authority to call forth a fully successful Christian Church walking this present earth.

Lesson 22.1 The Pattern Son lays out the pattern of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ as our same pathway into this same authority released now through us. There is a significant difference for us now, however, compared to anything Jesus possessed. We have in us the already Victorious Christ. We possess already all victory over sin and death.

Lesson 22.2 The Sending positions the five times in Scripture that God sends us in the exact same way that He sent Jesus. The lesson defines that Sending and the task given to us to break the image of the serpent, to open the Doors of Tabernacles, and to call forth a Victorious Church.

Lesson 22.3 Elijah Now Come applies the experience of Elijah on Mt. Carmel to our present lives and the authority of Christ now flowing out through us. We are the Elijah to come, that is, we who have no sufficiency in ourselves, but who believe in Jesus. We break the image of the serpent as "what God looks like" in the minds of our brethren and cause them to turn entirely to Christ revealed through them.