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24. Victory over the Evil One

A fully successful Christian church walking this earth, millions of Spirit-filled believers in Jesus in the full knowledge of all that Christ is through them, is our victory. That reality begins with the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles in the life of the Church.

The fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles is upon us. Yet we see that Tabernacles itself has three parts. The first part is the First Day of the Feast, when God becomes all of our connections together as His Body. The second part is the in-between days of dwelling in booths, as we teach God's people to know their full union with Christ. And the third part is the Great Day of the Feast, as rivers of living water burst forth from our innermost beings and our physical bodies are swallowed up by life.

Then we see that the gospel presents three great enemies arrayed against us, the serpent and his angels, the world and human government in the world, and the death of our physical bodies. As we place these two "threes" against each other in a chart, we discover nine points of victory that guide our understanding of the next few years.

Lesson 24.1 We Win by Church establishes the focus of our victory as being the Church walking in all the fullness of Christ. In this lesson, the chart of our nine points of victory is introduced.

Lesson 24.2 Breaking the False Image presents the first task set before us, and that is to shatter the lens through which our brethren "see" and thus "define" God. Until that false lens is broken, it will be impossible to persuade them to turn from death as their salvation and to the Lord Jesus. This shattering happens on the First Day of the Feast

Lesson 24.3 Nurturing the Woman investigates our role in providing a spiritual covering in the heavens over God's people during the times of darkness and the flood of evil sent to destroy her. This flow of the anointing is the central part of our ministry, the Father through us, through the in-between days of the Feast.

Lesson 24.4 A Great Chain presents the end of Satan and his angels as they are bound out from the human experience on this earth as part of our experience in the Great Day of the Feast.