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25. Victory over the World-Beast

This session investigates our victory over the world and over the beast. There is no such thing as "the Antichrist," a non-Biblical concept. The beast of Revelation 13 refers to all human government in any form and in every time and place, coming out from the curse of Genesis 3. Yet we do know that God brings everything to its fullness in the fullness of times in which we now find ourselves.

All human government is at war with the Lord Jesus Christ, but specifically against His Church. The great problem in the church down through the centuries has been those few called who are wise and capable in this world assuming that God called them to be the leaders over His church, thus taking the place of a "faraway" Jesus.

It is church leadership that, while pretending to take God's people to the Lord Jesus, in fact effectively keeps the Church from knowing that she is already the fullness of Christ in this earth.

Lesson 25.1 No Husband sets forth the reality that the only husband to the Church is the Lord Jesus. Our victory in the First Day of the Feast is to show God's people that Jesus is the only life she is, Jesus already lives as her.

Lesson 25.2 All Provision shows our role in providing for the Church during the times when she cannot "buy or sell" because of the enmity of the world. God through us will do wondrous things. Everyone imagines a "fleeing" church. They have no idea what God has in store as He proves Jesus faithful and true through us.

Lesson 25.3 To Bring to Nothing presents our final victory over the world-beast in the Great Day of the Feast as we bring to nothing all the boasting of human flesh over the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ WILL refuse the world as she learns to sing the Song of the Lamb.