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1. Perspectives and Layout

What is the Kingdom of God? How are we a part of it?

The Kingdom of God is the relationships of God among members of the Body of Christ first and towards all created beings second. The Kingdom of God is the Father just being Himself through us.

This course is built entirely upon the Christ Revealed Bible Institute course titled The Purpose of God. This introduction follows a very specific outline in order to establish this course upon firm educational foundations as well as to tie the CRBI courses together as similar units.

Lesson 1.1 The Purpose of this Course explains why a course such as this is needed and what are the benefits to both God and the learner in spending time with this course. Preliminary definitions of the Kingdom are also attempted, definitions that will grow in clarity and focus as  the course is written.

Lesson 1.2 Focus and Layout begins with a statement of the guiding idea of the course, that God IS relationships among many walking together as one; that is, God is love. Next, a set of three lenses through which we are to see the kingdom are provided to the reader following by a brief layout of the topics to be covered in the course.

Lesson 1.3 Connections to Pro-Thesis ties this course back into God's set-forth purpose and into the most important verse in the Bible, Romans 8:28-30. How do pro-thesis, pro-knowing, pro-determination, symmorphy, and image rule over our study of the Kingdom of God? This Kingdom is a Kingdom of Love, of Father just being Himself through us.