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3. Prayer II: Symmorphy

This second chapter on the Prayer that Birthed the Kingdom focuses on symmorphy, the most "blasphemous" words spoken in the Bible, words that "Christian theology" will not consider. At the core of this prayer, Jesus placed you and me into the very essence and fellowship of God inside His own Being.

Before Jesus did that, however, He commanded the Father to do three things. Jesus commanded the Father to glorify His Son on the one hand, and to keep us and to sanctify us on the other hand. Is there any question regarding the Father's response to Jesus' prayer?

Lesson 3.1 The Cycle of Life follows after the definition of eternal life that Jesus gives us, knowing the Father and knowing Jesus Sent, and shows how the words of Jesus reveal how He comes out from and returns to the Father, not as a one-time action, but as the nature of His being.

Lesson 3.2 In the Womb positions you and me in this world as the womb in labor, intent on driving us out of darkness into all the reality of God. The lesson then explores the incredible truth found in Jesus' words, "Keep them" and "Sanctify them." These are strong encasings of security in which we walk.

Lesson 3.3 Perfected in One opens up the core of this Prayer, the fellowship we enjoy inside the Persons of Father and Son, made one with them in just the same way that Father and Son are one. This is our everlasting place and experience. At the same time, this relationship, as it is perfected in appearance in the Church, is the true witness of Christ by which the world will believe and know that the Father sent Jesus.