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4. Prayer III: Desire

Jesus' expression of what the New Creation really means, that we are one with the Father and with the Son, made perfect in one, is the only true evangelism, the only true means by which the world will be converted to Christ. 

But once Jesus establishes that most incredible witness, He turns, in His prayer, towards some of the most incredible words in Scripture directed towards you and me. At the center of those words is DESIRE. Here we are reading the very thing that the most Passionate Person in the universe desires with all the fires of wanting inside of Him.

What does Jesus want?

Lesson 4.1 That the World May Know expands on the essence of true evangelism. One thing can be said about the world today; they do not know and they do not believe whatever is being presented to them as "the gospel." Jesus said that the world WILL know.

Lesson 4.2 Desire opens to us the great desire of the King of the Universe, that you and I would be with Him where He is, that is, IN the Father. And, that we would "behold" His glory, not as an object from afar, but as the nature of our own beings, that is, life laid down and love poured out.

Lesson 4.3 Love in Them brings us to the most incredible words for us in all of Scripture. 
That the Love with which You love Me may be IN them and I in them. Sharing heart with God. Jesus is speaking Father into us as the core of the entire new creation in all that it will express itself to be.