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8. Resurrection Life

What is resurrection life? What does it mean to walk in newness of life right now, that is, all that the resurrected and incorruptible life of Jesus means in us in the present moment?

To answer that question, it is not the "life" verses to which we turn, but rather, to the seventh most important verse, the great jeopardy verse of the gospel. And there we discover that walking in all the resurrection life is and means comes out of our CONFIDENCE that we are, in fact, partaking of that resurrected life of Christ in all ways right now.

Thus we see that every exercise that builds our confidence also causes us to walk IN the present knowledge of resurrection life.

Lesson 8.1 Confidence places the resurrection of our bodies, not as any "end" of history, but rather as it's most significant moment. Yet we walk in newness of life now, before our bodies change. Thus we walk in all ways AS IF WE ARE all that the life of Christ IS, even though we do not see it now.

Lesson 8.2 The Grace to Come defines this measure of grace that has never before been experienced in the Church, a grace coming upon us now to walk as if we are all that Christ IS. We call what appears "not" out into our reality.

Lesson 8.3 Walking in Life then shows us how this life in which we walk is a corporate life, life together. The lesson uses the text, 
Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth by David Chamberlain (2013), to show how the formation of a baby in the womb equates with how this Body of Christ of which we are members is formed. To walk in life is to walk together.