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29. Review

We come now to the review of this course in preparation for the final exam. This course has positioned the Kingdom of God as real and as victorious, a fully successful Christian Church walking this earth in all the proving of Christ through her now in this present age.

Your task in the final exam is to lay out your own present understanding of the primary points of this arising Kingdom and to do so out from your own symmorphy with God, and out from all you have learned in this course.

Lesson 29.1 Application first reviews this incredible vision that has appeared before us, a fully successful Christian Church now in this age. The application of the Kingdom for us is found in the final part of Paul's layout of our armor in Christ - prayer. Thus we see what prayer really is, not praying "to" God, but praying together with our Father in the sending forth of the Holy Spirit, waiting together with Father upon that Spirit in all expectation and confidence.

The in-between lessons, Summary I & II, short summaries of each of the lessons in the course, will be found only in the textbook.

Lesson 29.4 Looking Forward then positions these awesome and way-beyond-us tasks of the fulfillment of the Kingdom, a task we cannot do, against the next course in Symmorphy - Symmorphy IV: Covenant. We cannot do Kingdom, but our symmorphy with God inside of the Covenant can. We must know the Covenant; we must know Jesus Sent.

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