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Kingdom: The Kingdom of God

You and I are seized in the grip of the most powerful and determined Being in the universe, who is meek and lowly of heart. This mighty Being, who has set His intentions upon us, sets everyone free of Himself, loses everything, recklessly hurls Himself into their rescue, and, in the end, wins all things back. Yet He does all of it without ever pushing anyone around. God cannot sin. And this mighty Being, who Desires to know us and we Him with a Desire beyond all the passion in the universe, would negotiate with us face to Face, at our level, by Covenant.

What Do You Want?

God wants to form you together with His Son, Christ Jesus, to make you One together with Himself. God wants to live in you, His Person inside of your person. God wants to reveal Himself through you, to show the universe, all that is spiritual and all that is physical, who He is, His kind heart, His gentle touch, forever. God wants everyone to know who He is – through you.

What do you want? God will never ever violate your wishes. He gives you only what you want. Yes, He will win you in the end, but He will do so only by love.

This zone is a companion to the course, Symmorphy I: Kingdom.

The first session is now complete, in the menu box on the right, "Perspectives and Layout."