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19. The Tabernacles Church

We leap forward from the present in-part Church Age to our beginning to see, dimly to be sure, the sons of God walking inside the full expression of the Church of Jesus Christ through the Age of Tabernacles, after all demons and politicians are removed from the human experience.

We must gain a vision of this wondrous Church in the Age of Tabernacles before we can know how we might pass from here to there. We must have some idea of where we are going in order to know the way. 

Yet, I suspect that this view of the Tabernacles Church is not one which many people have considered. I do not claim to be "correct." But I do know that many things God speaks have no place in most Christian's view of "heaven." We are not "going to" heaven. We are the connection of heaven and earth and through us, Father makes Himself known to all.

Yet our God is very specific in His word regarding practical living upon this earth. We hope to gain some understanding of what that might mean for us just a few years from now.

Lesson 19.1 Fulfilling Tabernacles lays out what we mean by a full Feast of Tabernacles Church as she comes forth out from this present in-part age. The lesson shows the distinction between God's Jerusalem and God's Zion and places the gathering together unto Christ, that is, Christian Community, at the center of the human experience through the Age of Tabernacles.

Lesson 19.2 A Kingdom Order develops God's full intentions for His Victorious Church as she reveals Christ upon this earth. The lesson expands on the meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles and our being just like Jesus.

Lesson 19.3 Among the People
then postulates on what the order of human life guided by the reality of Christian Communities scattered across the whole earth might look like. The lesson uses the model of monasteries through the Middle Ages and the critical role they played in society. The personal vision of the author, to be a part of a teaching Community of Christ, is included.