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15. The Curse

The revelation of the Kingdom of God includes the removal of every element of the original curse from off the experience of humans on this earth.

Now salvation, and power, and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ have come (Revelation 12:10).

For that reason, we must investigate further the original curse and its meaning, drawing from all that God speaks concerning the curse throughout the Bible. Yet we discover that everything we need to understand is found in Genesis Chapter 3. None of these things are "God's will"; all of them are only curse. And Jesus became that very curse in order to remove all of it from us.

Yet we have learned that, although the old creation is fully GONE in substance, yet it remains in appearance. Our task, in being a part of that arising Kingdom, is to call forth that which is "not" into all the appearance of human reality - in short, to remove the curse from the human experience.

Lesson 15.1 War positions the reality of Christ the Victorious Warrior living now as us. The lesson shows that our battle is not, however, as we once understood "spiritual warfare." Our battle is against the false definition of God perpetrated by the serpent.

Lesson 15.2 Bait, Bruising, and Pain investigates the first part of the curse, the part dealing with the serpent and his demons and their involvement in the lives of humans on this earth.

Lesson 15.3 Cruelty and Thorns looks at the falseness of human government, both in the world and in the church along with it's whip, economic scarcity.

Lesson 15.4 Death, Mercy, and Hope places together the final three parts of the curse, physical death along with man being enclothed with a beast skin and being driven away from the tree of life. Yet those last two include inside of themselves God's mercy and His hope that there will be some, you and me, who will eat of that tree of life and in doing so, set creation free.