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5. Christ as Word as Us

What is Christ? This is the biggest question facing every human being on this planet, and especially every Christian who claims the name of Christ. We saw in Symmorphy II: Essence just how un-Biblical the popular image of the faraway, tiny, and impotent Christ of Nicene theology really is. 

Paul said that Christ is IN us. John said that Christ is every word God speaks. The writer of Hebrews said that Christ is a MAN seated at the right hand of God and that this same Christ is the word of power sustaining all things. Paul also said that Christ is a many-membered body. And John said that any voice that claims that Christ is anything but Jesus is the spirit of anti-Christ. So - what is Christ?

God does not intend to confuse us, for Christ is all these things and far more. Our problem as humans is our unwillingness to believe that a Man, a fellow human being, could exist in the form of God, all here now and Personal in each one of us, our Savior, our King, and our Life. Yet this course is not Essence, but Kingdom, not what is, but how does Christ work through us?

And thus we see that Christ is four things, four aspects of Christ, and that every one of these aspects of Christ is rooted absolutely in what God actually says in the Bible. Christ is every word God speaks. Christ is the One who lives as us. Christ is a Spirit of power. And Christ is a corporate Body.

Lesson 5.1 Foundations of Word establishes how Jesus comes forth from the Father as every Word that the Father speaks. And Jesus comes to us as that same Word, revealing Father to us.

Lesson 5.2 Christ as Every Word looks at what the Bible really is, not print on paper, but Jesus Himself found in every word on the page, as He comes into us by the Spirit and through our faith. The lesson shows how approaching the Bible as letter and dispensing with the Bible to follow "Spirit" are both methods of attempting to control God. Only when the Bible is Life, that is, Jesus alive in us, do we find its true meaning.

Lesson 5.3 Christ as Us lays out, once again, this most precious of truths, that we cannot come to the Father, except through Christ, except by Jesus having become us, willing to be all that we are, willing to live as us all the way through death and into life.